President Issues Kudos To Journalist At Coronavirus Press Briefing

The president complimented a news reporter at his briefing today, calling him “one of the nicest reporters I have ever met.”

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The press conference was about coronavirus and was held in the Rose Garden at the nation’s capital. The President not only complimented the reporter, but he also indicated that he thought the media was being fair and nice and doing a great job.

The reporter that got the compliment from the president was Yamiche Alcindor and the reporter had asked the president a question about some remarks that he had made on Fox News about the high volume of respirators that were going to be needed to combat coronavirus.

It appears that some of the governors of several states have been telling the president they have no use for any additional medical equipment other than that which they have on hand and the president has reportedly been trying to shove more and more such equipment down the different states’ throats.

The president was very positive and upbeat during the press conference, taking all the time needed to answer every journalist’s questions in the minutest detail and commenting on how cooperative and helpful the press had become since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreaks.

The president was very humble, reserved and articulate  and didn’t refer to himself or anything wonderful or beautiful he has done even once at this news conference and was lavish in his praise for everybody involved in battling the coronavirus.

The president mentioned that his administration could be doing a better job at supplying ventilators and other needed supplies to the various cities who need them and mentioned that everybody in the battle was on the same team.

The president hinted at the fact that the states had not been requesting enough ventilators and expressed the opinion that many more would be needed than had been requested. He promised that if there was anything wrong with the delivery system on these items, the administration was probably to blame and that he accepted full responsibility for any delays and pledged to find a solution to any problems in that area.

(Photo Credit: Pixabay)

4 thoughts on “President Issues Kudos To Journalist At Coronavirus Press Briefing

  1. Aha! They caught me trying to do satire! LOL I will be doing more of it as time goes by becasue Life itself is becoming a satire at this point.


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