Conspiracy Theory or Not?

How possible is it that coronavirus is actually an elite device with which to achieve depopulation of the planet? I have heard such talk and I am interested in hearing what other people think about this.

70 Veterans Dead In Nursing Home Dedicated To Their Care and Safety!

Well — I see that a Veterans’ Nursing Home in Massachusetts has managed to lose 70 Veterans to the coronavirus.

(“They were reported to have been “Virtually stacked on top of each other.”)
With all the inefficiencies in nursing homes, per se., wouldn’t a person be inclined to expect this kind of tragedy?

I say, “Let’s make nursing homes of all kinds things of a jaded past in America and let us replace them with something that works.”

With all the talk about the coming meat shortage, I finally got up the courage to leave the house and go to the store with the intent of laying in some extra meat in case the “shortage” predictions actually come true.

There was no problem in acquiring some bacon, some chicken breasts and a few pieces of beef and pork. I guess the worst of the panic meat buying hasn’t begun yet.

As I sat and pondered the meat problem, it came to my memory that there are other sources of meat rather than the specific genre itself.

Such things as canned hash and beef stew have meat in them. Then there are the old standbys, “Spam” and all it’s imitators. Of course, frozen dinners and entrees in the freezer also contain significant amounts of meat sometimes. Canned tuna, canned chicken, canned ham, canned potted meat, tripe …. there are a lot of sources for meat other than the meat case itself.

Hint: Tofu is a great meat substitute as are soybeans if you can find them.

Peanut butter too.

Can you think of others?

Meat Will Become Scarce As Toilet Paper

Beef, pork and chicken should start disappearing from store shelves as soon as this coming Friday according to reports by reputable news agencies and will very soon be as hard to find as toilet paper ever was.

This is all because the food supply line is getting clogged because of the coronavirus now and because farmers will be depopulating millions of animals and birds because they cannot sell them to the market.

They will not be able to sell them because of all the meat processing plants being shuttered by coronavirus illness.

If I know the hoarding hogs out there, I think I can safely predict that all the other sources of protein will be under threat of disappearing too.

I think I can predict the coming of the $100-dollar-a-pound ground beef now.

I believe I can predict the time coming very soon when a common beef steak will be shown in refrigerated jeweler cases in stores and an appointment will be required to view them and to negotiate their price.

General Musings

It appears that some journalist somewhere has stirred up a lot of controversy by sending out a tweet suggesting that it might be time for a military coup to oust President Trump from office. The journalist later said that he was being sarcastic. There seems to be a lot of sarcasm going on these days —– remember the president’s remarks about studying the feasibility of injecting disinfectants into human beings to combat the coronavirus? Yes, lots of sarcasm going around!

People are all worried about what has happened to the North Korean dictator and as far as I can tell, there isn’t an awfully lot of hard news about his whereabouts or his condition coming out of that unfortunate nation. My fear is that if something were to happen to take him out of power there might be somebody a hundred times worse sitting in the wings just waiting to take over.

Some people who must not have a clue as to how international relations works are suggesting that China should be “confronted” over their handling of the coronavirus epidemic. My question to those folks is, “What do you think would happen if such a confrontation were undertaken? Do you really think China cares what anybody else thinks?

Looks like the State of Georgia is rushing to open up and to shove aside all safety precautions recommended by the Center for Disease Control. I hate to say it,but I am waiting to see how many more Georgians will die (If any) because of what I consider to be such rash moves —- and if there are more fatalities because of this move to hurry things along, will it be covered up in some clever manner so that the rest of the world never knows what happened?

It looks to me like “Coronavirus” is still the most searched word on the Internet right now with great interest being shown in what has been described as “The Six New Symptoms” of the disease: (1) Chills, (2) Repeated shaking (tremors) with chills, (3) Muscle pain, (4) Headache, (5) Sore throat, and (6) loss of the senses of taste and smell.

Did I mention that the scammers are starting to jump onto the bandwagon caused by the government’s issuing those stimulus relief checks to citizens? Did you ever think for a moment that scammers would not seize upon such an opportunity? Read about it in “THE HILL.”

Sexual Assault Ghosts Arising To Haunt Joe Biden Campaign

Let me offer some personal opinion about the election of 2020, the potential continuing reign of ruin under President Trump and the rising specter of sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden.

First of all, I believe that the 2020 election is cut and dried for Donald J. Trump because the nation has been preoccupied with the coronavirus and other distractions which I believe the party in power has been exploiting skillfully —- and one of my greatest fears is that through hook or crook, the 2020 election will be assured for the sitting president because of the massive and sheer difficulties that will be encountered due to limitations placed on the process by the coronavirus lockdowns.

Now let me go on to the sexual allegations being given widespread publicity right now.

I remember when the Trump campaign was haunted by strangely similar allegations and, as I recall, those allegations did absolutely nothing to haunt Trump’s rise to power — and I don’t think the allegations against Biden will have any force either because by now I believe Americans have begun to see through such efforts to smear candidates and I think America is tired of such tactics and will reject these allegations out of hand.

Next allow me to reflect and to say that I can remember such charges being insinuated or actually made public — either before or after the alleged fact — against a great number of former presidents and that one president was actually impeached because of such allegations and that impeachment did nothing at all to prevent the aforementioned president from completing the term in which he was, at the time, engaged.

I think it is all fluff and nonsense and should be absolutely rejected by all Americans because it looks to be too much useless negative campaign boilerplate bullshit to me.