An Absolutist View Of The Inescapable Future

by John
Blog Author

As time goes on, the coronavirus will have such a devastating effect on the Economy of The United States (And the world in general) that supply lines will be severely compromised and basic necessities —– once taken for granted —– will be far and few between and more expensive than most people will be able to pay.  —- The so-called “Family Unit” will be dealt a crushing blow the likes of which have never been seen in generations and all the luxuries and freedoms once taken for granted will come at a stiff premium.

I forsee the time coming —– very quickly now —– when the entire Medical Apparatus will be so overcome with coronavirus-related demands and with loss of large numbers of healthcare providers, that the Medical Profession will be forced to make the hard decision as to whether or not to give priority to coronavirus patients and deny care to anybody else or to stop treating coronavirus patients so that people with other ordinary ailments can receive some level of care. As it stands now, the system cannot accommodate  both kinds of patients for any amount of time ….. beyond certain limits when peak demand arrives.

Most or all jobs in the country will shut down because (a) The Work Force will be too far reduced by illness to function, (b) The supply chain will break down at all levels for the same reason(s) —– and, at that time, everybody will be getting a check from the government or nothing at all because the money will be less than useless.

I am looking to see the reappearance of bread lines again!

Americans will be asked (required) (forced) to relinquish more and more of their precious freedoms in the name of safety and security in the face of this virus ….. giving over more and more control by the Federal Government …. which will eventually be seen as futility because I don’t believe the Federal Government …. or any government for that matter …. can long weather a storm like the one that is coming because of this pestilence.

I fear the day may come when mass burials will become the nation’s primary industry.

I personally believe it is time for people to reconsider their attitudes about God!

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