Covid-19 Diary (Friday, April 3, 2020)

It has been two days since I went to the super market now where I bought groceries for two weeks. It is recommended by the experts that we lay in two weeks worth of groceries at a time to avoid as much contact with the public as possible.

When this coronavirus thing began, the experts weren’t sure whether healthy people should wear a face mask when outside because most of the available masks are not efficient at keeping the dangerous virus droplets out of your respiratory system. In fact, a lot of experts were telling us not to wear them. Now, as time has progressed and there is a desperate growing shortage of any kind of mask for the Medical profession, the experts have changed their views on this issue and are now telling us to wear any kind of mask we can get our hands on —– They are even telling us to make our own masks out of bandanas or rags or whatever else we can find. —– This kind of reminds me of telling soldiers on a battlefield who have run out of ammunition to pick up rocks or sticks or whatever they can find to confront their onrushing enemies with. —– There is desperation in the air for sure.

Grocery stores are now using employees to line people up and to insure that the lines of people maintain the recommended supposedly-safe 6-foot space intervals between themselves —– and the store employees are only letting a certain number of people into the stores at a time —– again to maintain separation —— and store personnel are wiping down shopping cart handles with disinfectant before the customers can handle them —- There is desperation in the air.

Since the outside temperature was in the high 60s yesterday, my friend and I took the opportunity to go on a long walk in the fresh air after having been cooped up inside the house for two weeks. —– There were no people on the streets except one kid standing in the front doorway of his house and some lady talking to somebody else inside a vehicle. The immediate sensation was that my friend and that kid and that lady and whoever was in that vehicle were the only people left living on the face of the planet —– The feeling was desertion, abandonment and desolation. —– There wasn’t even a stray dog or cat out on the streets …… we saw one little bird.

The experts are telling is that the incubation period for this virus is from 2 to 14 days. So now, I find myself checking my temperature every 2 to 14 days and I am watching for signs or symptoms that are unusual and it is nerve wracking …… “Am I going to get this disease ….. Do I already have this disease ……” —– Nerve wracking but I cannot allow myself to dwell on it —– but it is impossible to keep from dwelling on it —– so I am going to have to find something constructive to do —–Maybe I will do some yard work —–

Doctor office and dentists are closed —– The only way to do banking is online or at a drive-up window or through an ATM machine (automatic teller machine) —– Restaurants are offering take out food only —– and I am not trusting restaurant employees to handle food that I plan to eat so I am doing a lot of my own cooking at home now —- and that is not at all bad because I am fairly good at it —– and my friend was an institutional cook at one time so we are doing well on that score.

We have a daily televised briefing from the office of our state governor where we are informed of the “Latest Numbers” of the sick, the hospitalized, those who are in critical care units and those who have died. —– The numbers keep rising every day and I keep on telling myself that it is not yet as bad as it can get —– and this is being reinforced by the smiley-faced female state medical director who tells us every day that the worst is yet to come. —– I am just thankful to God that I am still able to breathe this morning.

All the extra hand washing is causing me some chafing so I am using a good hand lotion after washing. It seems to help. They are telling us to avoid touching our faces but I will tell you that is one requirement is is so damned hard to keep it is almost impossible. —–In fact, I believe it is impossible because I awoke this morning with my chin cupped in my left hand.

Upward and onward.

No soldiers have knocked at my door yet and I have not seen any stake trucks with bodies piled up in them yet —- and there have been no passing trains pulling cattle cars filled with people yet —- so maybe we are good to go for another day at least.

12 thoughts on “Covid-19 Diary (Friday, April 3, 2020)

  1. The Ωmega Man is a 1971 American post-apocalyptic action film starring Charlton Heston as a survivor of a global pandemic.
    At the end of the film…
    Heston is mortally wounded by a spear thrown by the leader of a cult of plague victims turned into nocturnal albino mutants.

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  2. Dear Tidalscribne — First, let me say that I am honored and very well pleased to see your comment this morning. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. —- Family is very important and I am pleased to see that families where you live can still associate together despite the spreading pandemic. Be well, dear friend and please come back and visit our blog often.

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  3. I am so sorry about all those things that you and your husband suffer from ….I am glad to hear that you can avoid the crowds by having groceries delivered — Do they make any mistakes in your orders at the grocery? —- I hate to hear that you are suffering from migraines again …. I know that must be intolerable!

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  4. I hate to see that dog food is being hoarded …..but I am glad that you are faring well otherwise. It is good that you have your fruit trees …. what is that fruit that resembles an orange again? By the way, do you happen to grow any “Ramps?”

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  5. I walk my dog at 0430 hrs so I do not come in contact with anyone……we go to the store only when stuff is needed…..I see dog food is being hoarded now…..Sue and I spend time on the property caring for the fruit trees and grapes……be well my friend chuq

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  6. We’re lucky in that we can still have our groceries delivered. Since I have seasonal asthma and other illnesses and my husband has been prone to bronchitis since childhood, we’re trying to keep contact with others down to the bare minimum. We have lovely neighbors who we chat with from the appropriate distance, and we’ve been sharing supplies. I haven’t been on one of my 2-3 mile walks the last couple of days because I’ve been laid flat with a migraine, but as soon as I can I’ll continue with that. Stay safe John.

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  7. I did some work in the front garden and though our road is quiet I talked to the next door neighbour over the fence ad xhe set out for her o centre a day exercise on her bike. Then my friend walked by o her way to post a letter so I had a chat to her over the front wall. A family on their daily exercise went by 6 times. Mum jogging, Dad cycling with two little kids following on their bikes. Families are having plenty of time together.

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