There are some coronavirus patients who do not obey their orders to quarantine in their homes and some judges have ordered them to wear ankle monitors so that their movements can be tracked. Is this what is has come to in the land of the free? Morgues everywhere are almost full and crematoriums are running 24-hours-per day to keep up with the load of dead bodies being dumped onto them —– How long before the giant mass graves start getting dug? —–Experts are now beginning to worry that infection with coronavirus can cause swelling of the brain tissue —– is this what is wrong with some of the politicians who are trying to handle this infectious invasion? —– Now the experts are starting to tell people to make distance between themselves even inside their own homes —– I am sure there are some homes that do not have enough rooms in them to make this a practical solution to anything. —– Because of social distancing in this crisis I am guessing that sexual activity has suddenly become life threatening and there will be a decline in the birthrate until thing dies down and goes away —– right? —–NOT! —– I am thinking that America’s homeless population are going to be up shit creek without a paddle as this infection spreads among their numbers. —— I trust the information coming out of our state houses far more than I trust anything being said in Washington about this coronavirus crap. I wish somebody would take those coronavirus briefings off the air.

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  1. Yes, Professor, I have already alluded many times to the coming of the mass graves and the crematoria running 24 hours per day in our own country —- What I have not yet mentioned is the desperate days when the government decides to sterilize the country by summary execution of the victims of the pandemic — but not before all victims are forced to wear identifying insignia akin to the yellow stars forced onto the Jews in the 1930s and 40s. —- New “Pandemic” ghettos will appear too. (Probably out in the deserts where the Japanese Americans were sequestered in world war two.

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  2. (1) Nancy Pelosi has been diagnosed with swelling of brain tissue. Symptoms include ego hyper-inflation.
    (2) Social distancing may not be practical in homes occupied by two dozen illegal aliens.
    (3) Some of the folks at CNN agree that we should take those Coronavirus pressers off the air. They give President Trump too much coverage to the detriment of Sleepy Joe “Sniffer” Biden.


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