U.S. Manufacturers Exporting Tons Of Critical Medical Supplies To Foreign Countries In The Midst Of Critical Shortages At Home.

It’s true according to all reports I have read —– There are a lot of U.S. Manufacturers of critically-needed masks, ventilators and other items who are shipping tons of them across the seas to other countries even though our Medical Community here at home are struggling to find enough such supplies to treat our own citizens who are stricken by coronavirus.

The White House has, reportedly, assessed the situation and word is that they are in the process of cracking down on such exports. Other countries have cracked down on such exports and I believe it is high time (Or maybe it is too late) for America to follow suit!

13 thoughts on “U.S. Manufacturers Exporting Tons Of Critical Medical Supplies To Foreign Countries In The Midst Of Critical Shortages At Home.

  1. This “Admin” is more interested in preserving what’s left of the “Markets” for the sake of their rich cronies and in winning an election that might never occur — the only “Care” for us bourgeoisie they are showing is token and for show.

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  2. I guess somebody has to realize that we are in some deep crap with this pandemic and it is time for American Companies to be focusing on saving their own country before extending their resources to others. We are in a crises right now that could bring The United States down — We are in a war for national survival — It is that serious and we need for people who have made their fortunes on our soil to act like they give a damned about their own country — The shortages of critical medical supplies are so desperate and growing more desperate by the day — These companies need to focus on America —Those with capabilities to produce the needed medical supplies should be given a chance to adjust their focus and if they refuse, then they need to be nationalized until the pandemic is over or is lessened to an appreciable degree.

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  3. catch 22 — so we will allow them to continue denying critically needed supplies to American Medical People during this emergency … good thinking! That is kind of like allowing U.S. Manufacturers to sell war materials to the rest of the world during world war II when there were critical shortages right here at home.

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  4. The 3M Company claims it has no authority over its suppliers. President Trump blew his top when he was told that the suppliers are selling masks to overseas buyers rather than putting America first. So he’s doing something about it.


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