First the Center for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that it doesn’t do any good to wear a face mask when we are out and about and now they have reversed course and are telling us that we should wear cloth face masks when we are out and about —— Do these people have any idea at all of what they are doing? —– I wonder how many people died as a result of listening to their original advice about “Not” wearing face masks. ______ One thing I think I can be assured of is that the new guidelines about wearing face masks is going to be a terrific opportunity for somebody with a sewing machine and some white cotton tee-shirts to make a killing sewing masks. _____ I know I am looking to buy some of them. ____ The idea is not to wear the masks and then put them into your pocket or purse and then wear them again. ____ It is being recommended that cloth masks be washed immediately after wearing them _____ just the same as you would do with underwear! ____It galls my gonads whenever I hear the Medical professionals telling us that these cloth masks do not provide much protection at all but that we should wear them and still practice our social distancing. _____ Which means to me that if some fat hog blocks my escape from a supermarket aisle, I can justifiably tell it to back off! _____Alright, assholes, I will wear a cloth mask when out and about ____ even though our president has decided to play “Ideal Role Model” and has said that he does not intend to wear one.

3 thoughts on “JOHN LIMING #207

  1. It can very well give people a false sense of security — just like some of the stuff that is coming our of the white house can give people a false sense of security — I am listening to my governor now and the white house briefing gets switched off the minute it comes on ….

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