JOHN LIMING # 208 — Inept Washington May Be Getting Thousands Of Americans Killed Each Day; Something Has To Change …. And Soon!

If you have been wondering whether or how the administration is handling the medical equipment supply chain during this coronavirus bullshit, it is possible that you might be seeing it in the same light that I have been seeing it ….. a total, unmitigated cluster f**k is the only way I view it! Who is really in charge of the medical equipment supply chain? Who really knows what the hell is happening? Where all the supplies that are supposed to be going out to the states everyday really going ….. or are they going at all? _____ Does anybody in their right mind have the slightest idea of how a country as disjointed, disorganized and divided as this one is even imagine that they equipped to wage a significant battle against coronavirus? _____ Somebody who is supposed to be in charge of this pandemic looks to me like they are coming unraveled more and more with each news conference _____ (No Names.) _____ Is there a giant underground bunker somewhere underneath the Nation’s Capital where the elite can hunker down while the rest of us die? _____I am thinking that the politicians doing their best to look after their own best interests as this coronavirus decimates the rest of the population should get ready because I believe that after Americans are finished burying their dead, they will be going after those selfish, bungling idiots with all they have in their legal arsenal during the 2020 elections ____ I think the day of reckoning for the inept in D.C., will come with the next voting cycle _____ If, in fact, the next voting cycle ever occurs!

6 thoughts on “JOHN LIMING # 208 — Inept Washington May Be Getting Thousands Of Americans Killed Each Day; Something Has To Change …. And Soon!

  1. To answer your question…is there is and it is located in Virginia under some swank hotel……John I am not so sure that we can count on the voter to take care of business…..I fear by the time some go up for re-election this will be a bad memory that some had soon forgot. chuq

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