Coronavirus Collateral Damage Threatens American Health During Pandemic!

The coronavirus is bad enough by itself but, according to officials and experts, the bad habits being practiced during self-quarantines can do as much damage (Or more) to the Human Being as the disease itself.

Alcohol and marijuana sales are through the roof ____ People are hogging food down at unprecedented amounts (Probably due to stress and boredom) ____ TV binging is at an all time high (Couch Potato Exercise) ____ and people are staying inside and not doing enough exercise!

Experts are telling us that there is no question that the sheltering-in-place is saving lives (Our own included), but it is also potentially the cause of other conditions that go along with reckless lifestyle choices _____ strokes, heart attacks and all other conditions associated with bad dietary habits top the list.

Increased blood pressure (Hypertension) is also another dangerous thing that can be happening because of the bad dietary choices and the lack of exercise during the stay-at-home periods.

I am guessing that this coronavirus is attacking on more fronts and having a far greater impact on physical and mental health than most people have imagined and I believe the impact on Human Health is going to be prolonged for a long time into the future.

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