Thanks to “Citizen Tom” for important insights into the reasons for the current plague upon the earth.

Prince William-Manassas Family Alliance

Respiratory droplets, produced when a man is sneezing (from here).

The current quarantine called ‘social distancing’ has been imposed on us in order to minimize the transfer of the coronavirus from one person to others. We are trying to prevent many from becoming ill and even dying from the disease. The sooner the wave of infection begins to recede, the sooner businesses can reopen and a semblance of normal daily living can resume.

COVID-19 seems to have come almost out of the blue to ravage the entire world. No one can declare immunity from its spread. A sense of panic has seized us, leading folks to hoard commodities like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, food, and cleaning supplies. It has forced us to stop assembling at school, church, shopping centers and many work sites. Incomes have been sharply cut or reduced, those fortunate enough to be able to telework sit…

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