Good Coronavirus News At Last

The good news is that now the experts are telling us that you have a 98% chance of recovering from coronavirus if you get it. The bad news is that I do not see this being reported in any mainstream media.

A mystery that I am looking for an answer to Is the fact that Millions upon millions of pieces of personal protective equipment are now being manufactured in America by private businesses and the people who need them are still complaining that they do not have enough where is all of this stuff going?

8 thoughts on “Good Coronavirus News At Last

  1. price gouging is sure to occur no matter what else happens. That is a fact of life we will have to contend with. Maybe some lawmaker will come up with fines and imprisonment for the gougers.

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  2. send me a personal message on Messenger and tell me why you do not have personal protective equipment. Surely we can find you a scarf somewhere. If you don’t have messenger use gmail ——-

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