I expect that if Scientists ever do come up with an effective vaccine for the coronavirus, the government will make getting the vaccine mandatory — for the good of the nation. I hope when that happens that I have had the good sense to purchase a lot of stock in the company that is going to sell it. —– In other horror news, how about a government-mandated microchip to be implanted in the skulls of every living human being to see who has been infected with the virus and who hasn’t? —— I would rather just be forced to wear a large orange patch on my sleeve with a big “C” printed on it. —– How about separating the sick into specially constructed “Camps” in order to keep them from spreading the disease to the rest of the population? —– The “Camps” could be located out in the desert somewhere.

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  1. The problem with testing people and decalring them safe to be in the community is that there is no guarantee that they might catch it later anyway. Then having been declared ‘safe’ they can happily go around as carriers, infecting yet more unsuspecting people.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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