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So there are reports that the covid-19 might be easing a little bit and the feral government (did I spell that right?) is wetting its collective panties, huffing and puffing and sweating to get the country opened up and on track again …… wanting to stop or to severely limit the social distancing —– wet dreaming about possible drugs that will help or heal the monstrosity —- knee jerking —– infighting —— arguing with the medical experts about the best way to proceed —

Typically broken American politics!

Here is my predictions about what will happen:

Humpty Dumpty all all the kings men will move too fast to get the economy fired up again and they will cause more and scattered new outbreaks of the pandemic —–and might even reignite the ugly damned thing in all its former glory!

But I guess they are willing to sacrifice a few thousand more lives so that their portfolios can start inflating once again.

No big deal!


6 thoughts on “Coronacrap-Go-Round

  1. Sending people back ‘out there’ too soon wil be disastrous. The economy cannot prosper if there are no workers to produce things, and no consumers to buy them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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