So all the curves and the flattened curves and all the other predictive data being put out by the pandemic experts aren’t worth the paper they are written on because we are dealing with something we have never dealt with before and the dying and the suffering will probably go on longer than anybody expected —– maybe years! Nothing new here, folks! The experts might be wrong! So, what else is new? —– Protesting idiots are gathering everywhere to protest various stay at home orders —– I am assuming that if some of these idiots get their way and break the stay at home orders, they will reignite the worst of the pandemic and end up on ventilators and never quite understand, with their crap for brains, how they got there! —– Well, if the fools want to commit suicide, I say “More power to them! Just don’t come infecting me while you are doing it!” —– Anyone with an ounce of sense knows that now is the worst possible time to lift the stay at home restrictions because the pandemic is still raging and the death tolls are still rising. —– Europe found out the hard way ….. they tried to rush their reopening plans and their case load skyrocketed as a result of all those people being allowed to herd together again —– Fools never seem to learn do they? —— So everybody is wishing for a vaccine to combat the pandemic. —– What they don’t realize is that the thing could mutate and if it mutates any vaccine that is developed would become immediately totally useless.

4 thoughts on “JOHN LIMING # 211

  1. I saw some American people being interviewed on the news. One woman was going on about her civil rights to congregate in groups, and a man was demanding his barber be allowed to open so he could get a haircut. There is no cure for stupid, except perhaps Covid-19. If your politicians open up the country so soon, they might just as well lead the population over a cliff.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. There was never a thought in my mind that this kind of over-control was bound to happen sooner or later. I remember training for stuff like this back in my National Guard days.


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