Coronavirus Brings Its Own Dangerous Baggage With It When It Comes!

When coronavirus strikes, coronavirus is not all that there is! Coronavirus brings friends and allies with it ….. friends and allies in the form of secondary bacterial infections ….. things like pneumonia and sepsis for example. —– The coronavirus is not a one-act play! ——You want to hear more of the horror story? The secondary infections are just as lethal as the coronavirus itself! You want to hear even more of the horror story? It is possible that every living human being has already been infected with covid-19 and many of them are not displaying any symptoms but are spreading the virus to others at a break-neck speed without ever knowing they are spreading it! And this has been going on for a long time before we even heard the word, “Coronavirus!” You want to hear the rest of the horror story? Scientists are now beginning to believe that if you get the disease and if, by some miracle, you survive it, there is every possibility that you can catch it again at a later time. Finally, the Scientists are also coming to the conclusion …. slowly …..but surely …..that this present “Wave” of the pandemic is probably not the only wave and that a second, even potentially more dangerous wave, is possible …… and this second wave can be exacerbated by people in a hurry to return to their old way of living and refusing to obey orders from the medical experts to continue quarantines. — Opening up the economy right now before the extent of this disease is known, before the characteristics of this disease are full understood ….. well, folks, that is a recipe for a disaster like the world has never known and could, potentially threaten human life on earth altogether. Could it be that this is how Mars became a dead, desert planet?

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus Brings Its Own Dangerous Baggage With It When It Comes!

  1. Given the staggering improvement in pollution levels, and the way that wild animals have emerged from centuries of fear and isolation, it might be a good thing if this virus does end human life on this planet. It can cope much better without us interfering with biological warfare, DNA experiments, and every other awful thing deemed ‘necessary’ by so-called ‘scientists’..
    Best wishes, Pete.

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