Coronavirus Protesters Say Their Rights Are Essential!

Stay at home orders that are designed to keep people safe from getting infected by the deadly coronavirus pandemic are not sitting so well with some angry and impatient citizens in various states.

Of course, their anger and their angst are being duly supported by encouraging tweets from our beloved president who is sworn to do everything in his power to protect the citizens of The United States. I guess he must believe that sending the people out into the midst of this growing epidemic is one way of keeping them safe. If that is what he is thinking then I have to respect it because, after all, he is the president and he probably definitely knows what is best for everybody —– and, as everybody already knows, he is one of the strongest defenders of American Civil Liberties who has ever lived.

Massive protests are marching down city streets, huddled as close together as they can get without being accused of sexual assault (or worse) and are not wearing masks at all and seem to be totally unbelieving that there is any way under the Sun that they are ever going to get the pandemic disease …. I believe they must feel invulnerable to the pandemic! They are carrying their signs that say such things as “Freedom Now.”

I can’t imagine why they feel like their freedoms have been taken away from them because they are out and about and nobody has come along and shoved them into police paddy wagons yet, now have they? I believe that if common sense were prevailing in America right now, somebody would have gotten the idea that these fellow citizens are endangering the lives and safety of others by their reckless actions and would have charged and arrested them days ago.

In my opinion, the protesters have every right to be demonstrating. I believe they have the right to make their voices heard and I also believe they have the right to decide for themselves whether they choose the safety of obeying the safety precautions now in place or whether they choose to be fools and possibly die because of their recklessness. It is their choice! I say let them do whatever they want to do so long as they don’t do anything to jeopardize my health and safety.

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Protesters Say Their Rights Are Essential!

  1. They’re not going to be able to pay their mortgages or car loans. Thats why the protests. It really has nothing to do with ‘freedom’. Most Americans dumped their freedom decades ago.

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