Has Michigan Gone Off The Rails In Coronavirus Protest?

Reports say that lawmakers in the State of Michigan are talking about creating an “Oversight” committee with the possible intention of stripping their governor of some of her powers and, as far as I can understand it, most of their angst centers around the Michigan Governor’s “Stay At Home” Rules designed to protect people’s lives during the worst of the pandemic now raging there and across America.

On reviewing the Michigan situation and on observing the rise of protests against safety measures now going on in the rest of the country, I have concluded that a lot of angry people who should know better are now willing to risk their own lives and the lives of their loved ones in a premature dash to take down the very common sense rules that can save their lives and are willing to plunge headlong into the coronavirus at a time when death tolls are still rising.

I have also concluded that the only rational outcome of such stupidity on the part of the protesters and their allies is a vicious resurgence of the plague and additional thousands (Perhaps Millions) of more lost lives that might be prevented if only common sense could prevail.

But this is America, after all, and I suppose that people should be allowed to choose their own way to die — so I hope the protesters get what they are looking for (Even though I believe they are going to find something they are not really looking for if they proceed with this madness) — and I hope that in their quest for a sense of “Freedom and Liberty” that they do not breathe their contagion-laced breath on me.

Coronavirus lockdown protests risk your health and America’s …

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