With all the talk about the coming meat shortage, I finally got up the courage to leave the house and go to the store with the intent of laying in some extra meat in case the “shortage” predictions actually come true.

There was no problem in acquiring some bacon, some chicken breasts and a few pieces of beef and pork. I guess the worst of the panic meat buying hasn’t begun yet.

As I sat and pondered the meat problem, it came to my memory that there are other sources of meat rather than the specific genre itself.

Such things as canned hash and beef stew have meat in them. Then there are the old standbys, “Spam” and all it’s imitators. Of course, frozen dinners and entrees in the freezer also contain significant amounts of meat sometimes. Canned tuna, canned chicken, canned ham, canned potted meat, tripe …. there are a lot of sources for meat other than the meat case itself.

Hint: Tofu is a great meat substitute as are soybeans if you can find them.

Peanut butter too.

Can you think of others?

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  1. I can’t stand the texture of Tofu, but Quorn is very like meat, if cooked in a sauce or recipe. There are currently no shortages of meat here, but I would be happy to eat tinned Spam, as I have always liked the taste.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. Lady Gaga came up with a meat source:

    Got no direction (no direction)
    I need direction
    Just got my vamp (got my vamp)
    Take a bite of my bad girl meat (bad girl meat)
    Take a bite of me boy
    Show me your teeth

    (Sorry! Couldn’t resist!)

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