No Big Thing

I lived through the racial strife when Kennedy was President and I lived through more of it in 1968 when Detroit was set ablaze and I lived through it when Rodney King was attacked and I lived through the era of the Ferguson, Missouri strife of a few years ago.

Here’s a news flash for you:

This present day strife is no different than the strife of those past days. The triggers are the same, the motivations are the same …. and …. nothing is ever going to change. This is not the last of this shit that we will be seeing because Americans have short memories and they have selective memories …. and this has happened before and it will happen again.

If the pandemic gets worse, a lot more people will go nuts too and the shit will only get worse.

So there is no need to lament over it …. there is no need to complain about it … there is no need to hope things will improve …. because if things do improve, the improvement will be short lived like it always is …. Believe it or not, people do get rich off this kind of crap.

Hundreds of Americans have died at the hands of crazed gun nuts because of our aversion to gun legislation …. and hundreds of Americans have died at the hands of each other because of our racial tendencies as a nation. I don’t think there is a reasonable resolution to the problem. I think it is like wild fires …. I believe when the sparks ignite the tinder, then the forest will burn and the rains will come and new trees will grow only to be consumed again the the wildfires of the future.

That is how I believe it is with racial tensions in America.

Experience has shown me nothing else!

Didn’t the president assure us that the coronavirus would disappear once the weather became warmer?


The Trump legacy summed up in a few words:

“Fire, Pestilence, A Country At War With Itself.”

Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?