I Went Grocery Shopping This Morning

Since our governor is lifting some of the safety restrictions because of coronavirus I decided to go grocery shopping this morning.

The store wasn’t overcrowded and people seemed to be keeping their social distancing for the most part. Of course there were a few outliers in the bunch —– types who apparently decided that they’re going to do their thing no matter what safety precautions call for and no matter whether they infect somebody else or not. (You know the type I am talking about …. the type that, if there were no laws, you would love to smash in the face and leave lying on the store floor).

But even though that was what I was thinking, there is no way that I am going to physically assault anybody because I do not want to get shot by over active enforcement types or by doo-gooding gun-righters just looking for an excuse to waste me.

But since thinking isn’t against the law I could not resist observing the reckless among the group as some kind of disposable scum ….. and let me stop right there.

There was plenty of meat on the shelves so maybe the projected shortage has not reached our area yet — and I didn’t observe anybody who appeared to be panic buying meat of any kind —

The paper goods aisle still had some paper towels and toilet tissue so I imagine that means that the hoarding hogs have now accumulated enough of these things that they can feel safe for awhile.

All the store clerks were wearing masks because management has mandated them to do so because the state has required managements to mandate it.

If anybody dares to ask me why I am wearing a mask when I am out I already have my answer ready and well rehearsed: “Before I answer your question about why I am wearing my mask, would you please give me your name and address?”

And if the person asks, “Why do you want my name and address?” I will answer them, “Because when you get this plague from not wearing a mask yourself, I want to attend your funeral and grieve with your family members as I pray for your eternal and totally ignorant soul.”

4 thoughts on “I Went Grocery Shopping This Morning

  1. There are plenty of supplies of meat now being held in freezers at distribution points across the country. But as production slows, those meat reserves will be depleted and will not be re-stocked because the farmers are euthanizing their animals and their chickens. Then the shortages will come with feverish intensity — and that is when the food riots and crowd control will rear their ugly heads too.

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  2. Shops here are relaxing some rules now, but most shoppers are keeping their distance. There is currently no shortage of meat. In fact one supermarket had special offers on chicken. Perhaps all the hoarders have so much, they are not buying anything at all now?
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Stores here are much the same…..but the meat counter is a bit thin….not much beef and a moderate amount of poultry…..still not much for hand soap….TP is alive and wiping….all in all masks were worn and distancing observed…..Popeye’s Chicken is making a fortunate…..be well be safe chuq

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