And Then There Were Three

But it was just the beginning of an excursion of delight and a challenge for me.

House Mouse, Mouse, Long Tailed Mouse, Nager, Rodent

I noticed a little mouse peering at me as I was eating breakfast one day and it was so cute that I decided to offer it a little piece of food.

He waited for a few seconds as his little whiskers twitched and he stared at me longingly, probably wanting me to throw the food down for him.

But I held onto it and talked sweetly to the little fellow. He finally mustered his courage and came and gently took the bit of food from my fingers and retreated to his little hole in the baseboard of my kitchen.

After that, “My Mouse” (That’s what I named him) would reappear at every meal time to get a treat which I would always willingly part with.

But after awhile, “My Mouse” brought a friend.

A little bit later, the two friendly little mice brought another friend … and then two … and then three… and then a dozen ….

One of the saddest days of my life was the day I called the exterminator.

I can tell you with all sincerity that a little peace and quiet is not worth the agony of knowing what I did to that little mouse and his friends that horrible day.

I will live with that crushing grief for the remainder of my days.

(Photo Credit) The Mouse picture is from PIXABAY

4 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. So sad, I used to have pet white mice when I was ten, my friend and I had two and you can imagine how quickly they became forty, my Dad kept building them cages and we had such fun… But we were moving a long way away and when I was on a school trip you can imagine what our two fathers had to do…

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