Black Flies And Beautiful Desolation

I drove my little Volkswagen “Bug” several hundred miles north of Detroit one weekend just to enjoy the clean beauty of Canada for a couple of days.

Lake Superior, Beach, North Shore, Minnesota, Landscape

It was a nice August day — fairly hot — until I crossed the border into Ontario — and then it was noticeably cooler. Perhaps it was because of the proximity of the Detroit River.

Not being satisfied with a short journey, I decided to drive all the way up into the wilderness areas of Canada to a lovely little town called “Wawa.”

Had I wanted to do so, I could have chartered a small plane to ferry me out into Lake Superior to some small remote island for the weekend, but I decided to spend my time camped beside the Lake.

Pitching my tent was somewhat difficult because the beach I had chosen next to the lake was more sand and rocks than anything and it was difficult to get the tent stakes to stay where I had sunk them.

I managed to get the job done and set about preparing for the evening … as the sun was setting over the almost pristine deserted area where I had chosen to spend the night.

The first thing I learned about camping next to Lake Superior at night … even after the heat of an August day …. was that it gets frightfully cold at night.

But I have gone a little astray here and need to backtrack.

Before I settled in for the night, I had to build a small campfire and while building the campfire I began to feel the bites from hundreds of black flies. I had never encountered black flies before so it was something new …. it made mosquitoes seem tame by comparison.

The biggest mistake I made that night was using my only can of spray insect repellent to start the campfire.

Did I mention that I spent the night with the tent door closed?

In the morning, I took my bath in the frigid waters of the lake and it was altogether refreshing and invigorating.

I enjoyed my little Canadian excursion and I was so totally impressed by the utter cleanliness of the surroundings that I put every scrap of my own garbage into a bag and brought it back home with me to the United States.

(Photo Credit: PIXABAY)

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