To Wear The Masks Or Not To Wear The Masks?

Some fools believe the coronavirus is a hoax and so they are out on the streets protesting the very rules designed to protect them and their families from the deadly pandemic and ignorantly refusing to do social distancing or to wear their face masks when out and about.

The President is working feverishly to replace all the scientists and the real doctors who have been issuing the warnings about this pandemic murderer with people who will serve as “Yes” people to his agenda of “Re-opening” the economy quickly ….. apparently giving no thought to the idea that prematurely allowing masses of people to crowd together again can cause the pandemic to explode with devastating fury and kill thousands more people who otherwise would never had to die.

Isn’t it mind boggling that our elected officials are so intent on keeping up the cash flow at the expense of lives?

Isn’t it amazing how many American People can be so damned cavalier about their health and the health and lives of their loved ones as we find ourselves not at the end of a pandemic but in the very midst of it, when the death tolls are still rising with each day that passes — and, in fact, doubling in some places at a frightening rate of speed?

I have no problem believing that the day will soon come …. and may even be upon us as I write … when the administration will start blocking news of the rising number of deaths from the pandemic from the News resources so that we will no longer be hearing about them or have any idea of how dramatically they are increasing.

So I guess the lemmings will be led to give up their social safety practices and be told to go ahead and get out and about, shake hands again, hug again, cram yourselves up against as many people as possible again, lay in human piles on the beaches again …enjoy yourselves again … nothing has changed …. you are safe ignoring the very rules designed to save your miserable lives ….oh yes the administration is doing a great job of defeating this pandemic thing ….

They ain’t doing shit to stop it! In my view they seem to have a driving desire to make it worse …. and damned whoever dies … tough luck … tough titty … tough shit … Life must go on at any cost ….

And the 2020 election must overshadow everything … even life itself!

3 thoughts on “To Wear The Masks Or Not To Wear The Masks?

  1. I take sensible precautions, but I don’t wear a mask. Unless it is an in-out respirator type (hard to find) it isn’t much use after a few minutes. Besides, you would also have to wear goggles/face shield too, as the virus can enter through the eyes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. John, he is already blocking real news and issuing crap that will kill people with no cost to him…..I think that the majority will try to do the best thing…..but they can only help themselves,,,,idiots will not be helped. chuq


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