How Dangerous Is The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic?

Most experts say that the coronavirus is extremely dangerous and I believe that the danger of it is being under-reported by most of the people who practice medicine in the world so that there isn’t a panic over it. I am equally convinced that the government of the United States is not only under-reporting the danger of coronavirus but may be actually trying to hide information about it.

You might say to me, “John you’re out of your mind! Why would our government want to hide information about whether or not the coronavirus is it dangerous?”

Like I said before, some of it has to do with wanting to prevent a panic but you do realize that we’re very close to an election for the President right? If the government response to the onset of coronavirus hasn’t been all that great, then how would you imagine the government might not want to talk about it? if the government response to the onset of coronavirus hasn’t been all that great then how would you imagine the government might not want to talk about it? As I recall, the First Response by the government about the coronavirus was something on the order of “Oh don’t worry about it; it will never become a problem for us here in the United States!

I believe that was the response of the non-medical part of our government: the politicians — more Adept at politics and less qualified for administering medical advice.

If there was stumbling and bumbling and fumbling at the beginning of the coronavirus by our government officials don’t you imagine they would love to see their mistakes covered up?

I am beginning to believe there are two different things Americans should be looking at right now. The first thing is let’s start getting back the ability to manufacture our medicine and our medical supplies back home on American soil and out of the hands of the obviously inept Chinese. The second thing is let us never again make the mistake of believing that our medical system can’t be overwhelmed by a pandemic. I believe pandemics are what are going to define our future.

In my mind the scariest thing about covid-19 is the fact that nobody really knows much of anything about it and yet the government of the United States is totally ignoring all the safety measures and are screaming and Rushing headlong in a fever to prematurely open the country up. At this point I believe that prematurely opening the country up and crowding people back together again can only result in total disaster because it is already known that this thing is best spread by person-to-person contact and that’s what we need less of right now; person-to-person contact.

But the herd is rushing forward, fully determined to create a situation that might cost them their lives — like a bunch of ignorant sheep serving their desire for immediate gratification over saving human life … most probably their own lives and the lives of those who are supposed to be their “Loved Ones.”

I am hoping that most people who read this blog understand that the American people have no resistance the Coronavirus and that there is no available vaccine and that by crowding together masses of people we are only spreading it a lot faster.

I think I can be safe in saying that the president of the United States and the Congress don’t understand very much about either the disease or its cure and I wish they would pay more attention to the medical experts than to their own Reckless desires to get things moving again rapidly and prematurely.

One thought on “How Dangerous Is The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic?

  1. We have 31,000 dead in Britain from the virus. I think they would tell you it is deadly dangerous.
    If they still could.
    You are right in what you say, John. Open up the country too soon, and there will be consequences.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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