Brainless Asswad Machismos With “Open It Up” Agenda In Pandemic of Extreme Ignorance And Idiocy!

Right smack dab in the middle of the worst and most deadly pandemic in a Hundred years, there suddenly appears ….. like a bunch of screaming, scavenging roaches …. a horde of pathetic ass draggers (Many of them too fat to fit on a shopping cart), guns-in-hand, invading state houses and demanding an end to safety precautions designed to save their worthless lives … in the worst of the outbreak of the most deadly disease in a century! (Death wish! Death wish for themselves and their loved ones … and worse, for everybody else around them!

What bugs me about these gizmoids is that they have absolutely no concept of what the reality of “Tyranny” looks like … and that is what they think their ridiculous little screaming matches and sign wavings is designed to protest ….when, in all reality, what they are really demanding with their protests is the right to gather together in tight little groups or in massive gatherings of human flesh so that they can freely spread this killer disease to as many people possible in as short a time as possible —- and most of the ones engaging in this dumbassery do not have the slightest inkling that they are courting massive death and destruction and most of them don’t seem to care a damned bit about whether they end up infecting the whole world as well as themselves and their kind.

The hilarious thing about all this (In my opinion) is that their dear leader in Washington thinks that they are really nice people who are just a “Little Angry” and that they have every right to their opinion and that they should be heard and that what they are doing is somehow essential to saving the declining American economy …. so, not only is it alright, but it is in fact, “Wonderful!”

Yes, it is a disaster that we have lost so many jobs and that many small businesses might not ever open up again because of this shit …. but when you are dealing with something that you don’t know a damned thing about (Like coronavirus for example) and the choices are death by more association of people capable of spreading the thing or life by quarantine …. who wins out? The Trumpies are still in abortion mode in their mindset because I believe they want to sacrifice the life for the convenience and the Lefties are still in the pro-life mode because they do not relish the idea of becoming part of a stack or corpses for the sake of the billionaires getting a little fatter.

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