New Investigations Needed

THE PRESIDENT says that he has been taking Hydroxychloroquin for awhile now and that he feels fine. Nancy Pelosi said something to suggest that the president is obese — but I don’t have the details on that. —- My question is, “Is the president really taking that stuff?” I think we need to get a special committee together on The Hill in Washington to find out whether the president is really taking Hydroxychloroquin or whether he is not. I believe it is a matter of national security at this point. Yes, a full Congressional investigation. And when that one is over, let’s see if taking that stuff while being President is an impeachable offense or not. When that one is over, let’s get another investigation started to determine whether the president really is obese or not and to find out if there are any national security issues surrounding that controversy …. “Fat President or Not Fat President? That Is The Question.”

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