Amazing Revelations

The news is talking about that Congressional bill that was designed to give financial support to SMALL businesses during the pandemic and the revelation is that the bill has benefited people making over a Million Dollars per year more than it has truly small businesses.

Is there any kind of surprise factor here folks?

When some of the Repubtard geniuses backing the bill were challenged on this point, their response was, “But that bill was necessary in order to save the economy.”

Aren’t business people making less than a Million dollars a year part of the economy?

My impression is that the Rethugs probably see them as part of the economy, alright, the “Expendible” part!

2 thoughts on “Amazing Revelations

  1. A small business here might do well to make $75,000 a year. Million-dollar businesses do not need government money in my opinion.
    But the same thing has been happening here.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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