Trump Places Gag Order On Testimony To Congress By Coronavirus Health Experts!

Doctor Trump (er ah um, I mean “Toddler In Chief” has reportedly forbidden the medical health experts from doing any testifying before Congress about the coronavirus.

What I am wondering is, “Is this because it is almost certain that if the experts do manage to testify before Congress, they might, somehow, demonstrate that most of what the President is saying about the pandemic is shit?”

This “Gag” order is being portrayed as “Guidance” from the Trump Administration.

Knowing in advance how Trump deals with people who disagree with him about anything, I would rather rewrite the description of the “Gag” order from “Guidance from the administration” to something more on the order of “A Dictate From The Caesar” or “A Manifesto From The Tsar” — or something along those lines.

Is it just me and my imagination or do some of the administration’s management techniques somewhat resemble some of those used by President Putin of Russia?

Correct me if I am wrong but haven’t “They” (“He”) already forbidden Dr. Anthony Faucci from spilling the beans in any kind of testimony?

I am thanking God this morning that Dr. Faucci does manage, from time to time, to get himself interviewed on some reputable news program ….

When charges were leveled about the White House wanting to ,muzzle the truth, the administration was quick to promise that such testimony would be allowed at “An appropriate time in the future.” Are any of my readers holding their breath waiting for that “Appropriate time in the future” to materialize?

I was negatively impressed recently when I heard the ….’Leader’ ….’Bumbler’ … ‘Stumbler.’… ‘Petulant child’ …. ‘performer’ …. in the White House say on television. “Vaccine or no vaccine, we are back!” —- Somebody really is concerned with our health and safety up there on The Hill, aren’t they? LOL!

I will tell you right up front where I stand on “White House Guidance” these days, friends …. I don’t believe a damned word of anything that comes out of The White House. I rely entirely on the information I receive from my own State governor because it looks like he is doing everything the right way and he has been lauded far and wide for his coronavirus leadership already.

But I truly believe that the White House has gone kind of off the rails and that none of the higher leadership seems to care at all whether citizens live or die and I always thought that protecting the lives of The American People was part of the presidential oath of office.

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7 thoughts on “Trump Places Gag Order On Testimony To Congress By Coronavirus Health Experts!

  1. Lately he has been assuming a lot of personal authority that he does not necessarily have. One example is his threat to override the state governors is they do not open up the churches fast enough to suit him. Those powers belong to governors under “states rights” and el presidente cannot over ride their decisions about churches or lockdowns for that matter.

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  2. Andrew — Good to see you again ….I have often mentioned in my blog(s) that my politics are not set in stone and if I see something with which I disagree I can change on a dime …. This is one of those cases of “What we got is not what was advertised.” The longer he has remained in office, the more he seems to have claimed an increasingly dictatorial stance concerning administering his duties …. It is fortunate that we have checks and balances … but I am afraid that even checks and balances can be rendered impotent if there is enough crafty manipulation going on in the background … such as not filling positions in the administration and firing all who disagree ….such as trying to take control of administering proceeds from the various spending bills … Congress is supposed to control the purse strings — and then there are the witless statements he has made such as “Vaccine or no vaccine, we are back!” — which says to me that whether there ever is a vaccine or not and whatever the risk to life may be, he is determined to forge ahead regardless of the cost in human life …. it seems crazy to me ….It’s almost like a megalomaniacal personality has emerged —


  3. I had to rub my eyes to believe it… John no longer a Trump supporter. I’m happy to see you still online and writing. I’m emerging out of a self-imposed anti-technology reboot of sorts because I hit a wall last year and didn’t know any other way out. Much better for it now thankfully 🙂 9 weeks and counting under quarantine, working remotely has forced my hand back into the mix but with much more control; I’m not letting technology take over again, even have a new post getting ready to go up on the blog about the months long journey.

    Keep safe!

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