Society’s Grand Reopening

Is the grand American reopening that began a couple of days ago the beginning of a return to Freedom or a sentence of something worse?

People who have been arguing for a premature reopening of the social order will tell you that it’s a recapture of freedoms lost. But I think I can safely tell you that those kind of people, for the most part, have no idea in this world of what it’s like to actually lose freedom. It seems to me like some of these impatient people are just wanting to feed their instant gratification syndrome and have no idea of the mess that their impatience might get them into.

I call it part of the Great American “Me, me and my, my and mine” syndrome to heck with everybody else!

Home quarantines and restrictions on large groups of people gathering together in one place we’re definitely needed when the coronavirus first hit home quarantines and restrictions on large groups of people gathering together in one place were definitely needed when the coronavirus first hit.

The problem is that even now the case load has continued to spiral upward even in the midst of all the anxiety to get things going again …..and the people are listening more to their politicians than they are to their medical experts — and I believe that is foolhardy and can even be life threatening to fools who refuse to listen to what is best for them.

Apparently not feeling any too secure in their overconfidence, the “Opening Rushers” are also issuing warnings (along with their loosening of the society) that significant precautions are going to continue to be extremely important during the reopening ….. things like social distancing and wearing of protective face coverings.

My personal feeling is that the people pushing the premature reopening don’t know what they are doing and are just trying an experiment with people’s lives to see how costly their faulty judgment is going to be …. before they slam the lockdowns back on everybody again when the plague spirals out of control again …. even though our Divinely-Inspired Lyre Player in the Toga on Pennsylvania Avenue has said that there will never be another lockdown.

4 thoughts on “Society’s Grand Reopening

  1. Did you see that about 50% of the sites pushing reopening are actually bots? Your syndrome is spot on….like I keep saying we are NO longer a united country and that could be fatal… well chuq

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