Twitter And Trump

I see that the iconic American social media site, Twitter, is challenging some of President Trump’s tweets again.

They are attaching little notes and warnings to his tweets suggesting that some of the things he is tweeting promote violence and/or are not exactly truthful.

As for me, I have always believed that The White House should be required by law to review and edit anything that is published on any form of media in The United States!

Don’t you believe that?

Don’t you think that Free Press has long overstepped it’s moral obligations to the American People and it is long since past the time when they should either be shut down completely or edited by some responsible government agency?

How dare the social media in the United States challenge anything that a stable genius has to say — especially when the stable genius is in such a high position of stable leadership in the government?

The very audacity of any media of any kind to question or challenge anything the stable genius has to say is, to say the least, egregious!

Don’t you agree?

I Wanted A Pet Snake So Bad

I thought about getting myself a sweet little snake to keep as a pet but the more I studied and thought about it, the less appealing the idea became.

I have to admit that i did shed some tears about it.

The problem, as I finally reconciled it, is that most snakes are prone to bite first and talk later.

They are practically impossible to snuggle down under the covers with on a cold winter night. I can imagine they would spend the entire night crawling all over the bed and keeping me awake.

Taking them out on a leash for a walk in the park is unthinkable because I need to walk a little faster than they do when they are casually crawling around.

One good think about them, though, they do not bark! So the neighbors would not be complaining about my barking snake.

The sad thing is that I know that some snakes can be affectionate — not very cuddly, but affectionate. The reason I know this to be true is that when I lived in Michigan some years ago, I would let baby snakes hang off the ends of my fingers and they seemed to be quite content doing that. The mother was never very appreciative of me playing with her babies however and I am so glad I wore snake guards when I was doing all this.

I will have to think of some other sweet little creature as a pet …. maybe another cricket. I had a cricket once. Kept him in the laundry room. He chirped all night ever night. Ate holes in a lot of my clothes. But I loved him. (He died.)

Be Afraid, Folks! Be Very Afraid!

Many news channels have picked up on the story that President Trump has retweeted a video from a bunch of supporters where the leader of the group in the video plainly makes the remark that “The Only Good Democrat Is A Dead Democrat” —- and worse than retweeting it, the president is reported to have thanked the group for sharing the video.

How much impact will this have on the safety of Democrats from this point forward?

Is there any way on earth that this can be interpreted as somebody in government being agreeable to handling opposition with termination? Elimination? Execution? Murder?

Can such statements ever become a catalyst for violence?

PS: Mr. Trump did not comment directly on what Griffin says in the video, writing only, “Thank you Cowboys. See you in New Mexico!”