Mass Arrests

Apocalyptic, Apocalypse, End Of The World, Armageddon

Militarized police units rounding up masses of protesters and loading them onto city transit buses to take them to jail for exercising their rights of peaceful assembly and freedom of speech …. protesters often beaten, their faces and lungs ablaze with pepper spray, tear gas ….. pushed, shoved, thrown to the ground … handcuffed … intimiated …humiliated ….

All while the duly elected protector of The American Citizens goes on rants and rages about calling out even more powerful military weapons to use against Mr. and Mrs. Ordinary Citizen —-

I feel like sooner or later somebody is going to crush this insurrection regardless of how many people get hurt, maimed or killed in the process. And Mr. Law and Order will preen upon the throne of self-satisfaction and exclaim omnipotence and dominance.

The Leader of the Free World praising dominance rather than leadership — leadership with the iron fisted smithy’s hammer and forge of firey indignation and wrath ….

And the minions egging it all on unwary of the fact that they themselves are probably next in line for dominance.

I am wondering if the day is coming when the hellfire missiles will come out or will common sense somehow prevail in all this melee of frustration, tragedy, grief and terror?

Who are the terrorists here? The raging masses or the raging masters?

So you still think the coronavirus is not a bio-weapon gone wrong? My new conspiracy theory is that it is, indeed, an engineered bio-weapon and one of the engineered side effects of it is mass insanity …. thus we have the two diseases coexisting at the same time … the virus and the madness of the insurrection.

If this is true and we come to our weakest point, is that when the real enemy sweeps in with their millions of savage troops to settle the American question once and for all time?

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Mass Arrests

  1. John think about he mass destruction and death in DC in 1932 the Army was used to crush protest…all the biggies were part of the carnage…MacArthur, Patton, Ike….so there is some history here chuq


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