The Rising Warrior Police State In America

Armageddon, Destruction, Apocalypse, Disaster, War

Peaceful protesters exercising their First Amendment rights in a peaceful manner maced, beaten, tear gassed and shot with rubber bullets by the very police charged with protecting them and their Constitutional rights.

A nightmare scene in a George Orwell book?

No! Something that has been happening all during the current demonstrations going on all across the country because of the racial tensions that have recently erupted.

Was it a mistake to train the civilian police force to encounter their duties in the same manner that soldiers in the armed forces are trained to handle theirs? Was it a mistake to plant in the brains of civilian police that civilians are suddenly enemy combatants in all situations and should be treated as such?

Should civilian police have control and possession of armored vehicles the size of combat tanks? Is this the proper persona for a country that is supposed to be a democracy (or, if you prefer, a democratic republic?).

Why was it necessary to create a militarized police force in America?

Has the American president actually declared war on American Citizens and — if the chips were really down, will the American Military and the police forces actually come to the point where they would use deadly force to control populations in turmoil?

Does the Constitution have any enforceable value anymore or is it just something that belongs to the ages?

Am I now supposed to believe that every American Citizen who walks the streets to protect perceived injustices is a terrorist?

There is another possible side to this story however …. what if this turmoil is not a race problem at all but is, in all reality, a class struggle disguised as racial tension? What if this is an uprising of the “Have Nots” against the “Haves?” Has anybody even considered such a possibility?

In defense of the president (If defense of his attitudes and actions are defensible) —- and remember that as independent blogger, I have to be fair … balanced … curious …. is he actually right in his apparent willingness to “Crush” the “Rebellion in the streets with the iron hammer of military force?

If we are going to be sensible and responsible citizens of our democratic republic, do we not have an obligation to try to get beyond the emotional appeal of what is happening on our streets today and try to dig out a kernel of truth about what this uprising is really all about?

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