Alright Then! We Might Just Be Stuck With A President For Life.

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It has been reported that some highly-regarded military folks (Leaders in every sense of the word) have begun denouncing President Trump’s leadership and tactics —- notably the use of massive military force against peaceful protesters in the case of the Black American Citizen who died as a result of pressure on his neck from a policeman’s knee …. and event that stoked large masses of protesters to go on the march for equality and justice and an escape from perceived ever-growing police brutality in The United States.

Say His Name … “George Floyd!”

It has also been widely reported that the President has responded to such criticism with a lot of potentially or possibly negative stereotyping and branding of the individuals doing the criticisms … the ex-military leaders, to be more accurate.

As the Pandemic continues to grow, the president apparently characterizes it as “Improving very quickly in all the states.” (That is my paraphrase and is not a quote from the President.).

The President seems to me to be painting every possible situation, condition, circumstance and event in the best possible light to cast a brighter shadow of the wondrous things his administration is accompishing for all Americans … perhaps even with an eye of presenting the rosiest possible picture of the tragedy and turmoil that has befallen this nation so as to better assure his re-election in 2020. If there is any bad news out there, I believe the president has chosen to take a posture of denial about any of it.

Here is what I think might happen during the 2020 presidential election:

I believe the Republicans and their allies will begin an early campaign to convince the rest of America that massive voter fraud has been uncovered.

I believe Republicans will find a way to make sure that many Americans are unable to cast their ballots — by shutting down voting centers in strategic places …. by finding a way to avoid the use of mail in ballots ….

I believe that if the President were to somehow lose the election which all the true right wingers are looking at as a shoo in, there will be endless legal challenges of the outcome of the election and we will be looking at a repeat of the old “Hanging Chads” scenario that we were treated to when George W. Bush was awarded the Presidency by The Supreme Court rather than by the votes that were cast.

Is there anybody out there who actually believes that Trump would ever concede the election even if he were to lose it?

Can you imagine the cries of “Fraud,” “Illegal Voters,” “Fake News” that would resound from the White House in the event that Trump would lose? “Phony Voters!” I can hear it now!

Can you imagine that results of interference with the electoral process by a myriad of federal judges friendly to the Trumpian cause in such an event? Does anybody out there have any reason to believe that anybody in our government has been on a campaign to pack certain of our courts in the past few years? Hmmmm?

Try to imagine the impact if some of the losers in this case were to start calling for hundreds of special investigations into the votes, the election, the process itself! Investigations that could go on for months … even years …. as the president who refused to conceded remains comfortably seated in the Oval Office …. can you see it?

7 thoughts on “Alright Then! We Might Just Be Stuck With A President For Life.

  1. I expect him to win in November, even if only just. But if he loses, I doubt anyone will listen to his whines and complaints, other than his die-hard followers.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. You may be on to something…..they are already trying to discredit the election….plus trying to make it impossible for some to vote….he will try to stay but in the end will be thrown into the street….chuq

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