Take Down All The Confederate Monuments

There is a movement afoot in America headed by some folks who want to see every single monument or statue of any kind that depicts persons, places or events associated with The American Civil War torn down or otherwise destroyed. The arument is that these statues serve as constant symbols of racism and of a criminal element that once attempted to overthrow the Constitutional government …. namely, The Confederates.

I suppose the argument to take down the monuments might have a lot of merit in the eyes of some folks but I have something else in mind:

In case you have never thought about it, the city of Washington, D.C., is filled with monuments and statuary and buildings and edifices and structures that have represented the might, the power and the glory of a racist nation for more than 230 years — and if you want to get really technical about it, the American Flag itself has stood for that same racist nation for many years as well.

If people wish to erase the taint of racist history from their nation, then let them remove their offending monuments to be sure …. but while they are at it, let them consider doing a thorough job of it and let them seek the dismantling and removal of every representative monument, structure, building or edifice within the confines of our National Capital …. starting with the Washington Monument (Washington was a slave holder) and including the Jefferson Memorial and the whole damned thing.

After that, let us turn our tendencies for removal of symbolism to all the museums where there is a vast horde of shit representing racism in America … and then let us clean out all the film vaults at the Library of Congress and get rid of all the preserved film, pictures, books and documents that represent racism in America ….

There is no end to the lengths where this kind of madness could go.

Or, we could do what I heard a black guy say on the radio this morning, “Forget the monuments! Leave the monuments where they are and where they have been. Forget the monuments that have never hurt anybody and start working on reformative legislation in the Halls of Congress …. legislation that can get suppression of America’s racist tendencies accomplished to a more significant degree than ever before.

There are bigger fish to fry than the goddamned monuments!

The monuments are a convenient diversion but they are not central to the problem.

3 thoughts on “Take Down All The Confederate Monuments

  1. I am with you on this issue. The logical conclusion is to blow up The Pyramids in Egypt because they were built by slaves. Trying to eradicate history will never make it go away.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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