Coronavirus Cases On The Rise Again

Impatient idiots who have refused to wear their face masks and maintain their safe distances from each other have caused a new wave of spikes in cases of covid19 over the past 14 days —– Here we go again!

Sometime around Memorial day, a lot of people crowded beaches and started going back to parties and restaurants and churches, crowding themselves together again just like they did before the Coronavirus ever came to America …. and now they are about to pay the price for their ignorance and their arrogance.

I went to a big box store today and I had to forcefully tell a store clerk to back the hell up away from me and I watched in awe as several of the other clerks in that store wore their face masks around their chins with their mouths and noses completely uncovered.

Stupid sons of bitches will never learn their lessons, will they?

9 thoughts on “Coronavirus Cases On The Rise Again

  1. I was glad to know you’re back John, We don’t always agree, have different perspectives on what’s happening, but we both simply speak our minds. I’d like you to check this out (link below) as the Corona thing is one area where we seem to have opposite views.
    Over the past months I made several posts about this insanity.


  2. I am sorry to hear that number — but there are effective measures to help protect people if people want to pay attention — social distance and face masks are among the simplest … and do not crowd masses of people into buildings where the virus can circulate freely in the confines and infect victims at will.

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