Let Us Simplify Life A Little Bit
Just write what is on your mind in a simple, unadorned format and send it out into the blogosphere and know that if it is intended that somebody should read what you have written they will find it and read it and if they are not intended to read it, they will either not find it and read it or they will find it and not read it and there isn’t a god damned thing you, as a writer, can do to alter these facts regardless of what all the self-styled experts in writing and blogging might have to say about it.

So, write your shit and publish it and forget about it. If you write with the intention of being seen or of attracting an audience, then you are writing for the sake of vanity and that is both a useless motivation and is also total bullshit because writing a blog is supposed to be help or to inform somebody. It is never about the blog writer but is always about the reader and if that is not your motivation then you are pissing in the wind when you write anyway and you probably should find some other way of stroking your ego.

Isn’t it fascinating how you can express yourself when your inhibitions are down and there is nothing that gets your inhibitions down better than a nice glass of some really good whiskey.

But a writer should never be thought of as a drunk so it is wise — especially for me — to limit my drinking to one 1.5-ounce glass per day for no more than 5 days a week — and usually less than that.

But my preferences aside for the time being, let me say that there are some people alive on this planet who do not appear to have the ability to forgo their alcohol for a couple of days a week …. politicians are high on my list of people who probably cannot function unless they are at least a little “Lit” most of the time ….. of course I could be wrong …. but when I hear about some of the asinine things they say and do on a regular basis, I cannot help but wonder!

Even with that, I understand that our president is a teetotaler who never touches alcohol so maybe some of my political theorizing is just plain crap …

But back to the writing for a minute …… if you are a self-described linear genius like I am, then you will instinctively understand that most of the rabble out there in the midst of the population can never understand you or what you are about and so they will not take their time to read your writing anyway … and that is no sweat off your balls because maybe a lot of that kind of people really don’t deserve to hear what you have to say. They might learn something and a little education might be a real stumbling block for some of them.

I would like to think that I just pissed some people off enough that they will come on here and troll me a little bit. I love arguing with trolls. But there must be something righteous about me because, on most occasions, the trolls avoid me too. It’s a pretty shitty feeling sometimes to understand that your writing cannot even attract some attacks by a few trolls.

I am going to shut up now and see how this one goes over.

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