CORONAVIRUS — I wonder if I am the only one getting sick and tired of hearing about this Covid 19 thing? It seems to be just about all I am hearing on the news these days besides the uproar caused by white policemen killing black people. American news sources seem to go on compulsive binges … they find a subject that sells newspapers (so to speak) and then they talk it to death and beyond and leave everything else of importance or significance behind.

Whatever happened to the North Korean dictator and his atomic missile program? That was hot titty for awhile wasn’t it? — What happened to the reports of russian planes and warships playing russian roulette with their close encounters to American planes and vessels at sea? —- What happened to gun violence and all the conversations about new gun laws in the wake of mass shootings? — Does anybody besides me know or understand that all the shit that was big boob-grabbing news just a few short weeks and months ago is hardly mentioned anymore and nothing has been done about any of the problems that old news was trying to deal with …WTF happened?

What happened to all the noise about how the World Trade Center wasn’t taken down by planes in 2001 but were imploded from within with demolition techniques? Remember that old crap? Where is all the furor over Benghazi these days? See how soon we all forget the most traumatic episodes that humans could possible endure?

Does anybody remember that we had the same kind of rioting years ago over the issues of white brutality to black people? Remember when Detroit was burning — When Ferguson, Missouri was burning? — The only thing I can see that has changed since the days of Dr. Martin Luther King is that they don’t use snarling, biting dogs and fire hoses on the black people anymore … now they bring out the chemical weapons and things that look a lot like military tanks.

The deal is that the rioting and the demonstrating is going on again … just like it did back then .,.. and from all I can tell about it, with about the same results … a lot of noise and fire and screaming and shouting and speech making and sign waving … but nothing actually changing!

People where I live are so sick of hearing about the pandemic that they are going a little crazy and have more or less forsaken all the safety precautions that might save their ignorant asses from dying at the end of a ventilator in the midst of this plague and are crowding back together again in bars and taverns and night spots and in the streets and now they are even moving back into movie theaters and restaurants … and when more thousands of their fellow citizens die from the damned virus, I believe they are going to be so desensitized to it that the deaths will be glossed over or totally ignored as part of some kind of crazy-assed “New Normal” — and in my book that is totally insane … clinically insane!

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  1. The pandemic lockdown seems to have certainly helped trigger the mass protests in America, and other countries. Once the world ‘opens up’, they will likely choose to ignore the ongoing deaths from the virus, until it just becomes an acceptable price to pay for attending sports games and live concerts.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I am waiting to see what the media would use to fixate on….their coverage of the protests is getting thin as well as the virus…..remember the election is just 5 months away….chuq

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