Germ-Hildas Spreading The Coronavirus Without A Care In The World!

They are everywhere in the very midst of this horrible killer pandemic …. ignorant, selfish, low-information fat arrogant super spreaders of the lethal virus who apparently could care less who they infect …. and who ignore every possible rule of behavior designed to help prevent the spread of this deadly disease!

Tape Measure, Measure, Thick, Fat, Bacon, Overweight

And on top of those idiots, there is a president who is doing everything he can possibly do to use his fat fist of arrogance and ignorance to crush every shred of scientific evidence about the danger of this thing.

Imagine, if you will, some fat, elephantine broad-ass female type walking all over a supermarket, blowing casual sh*t conversation to whomever she can corner — with no face covering at all — with no idea of keeping her safe distance from other people at all — dragging a couple of similarly maskless nasty brats along with her … brats yelling and screaming and dancing and touching everything they can get their hands on … or it could be a guy just as well as a broad … a bewhiskered fat loon with a bulging belly and a scowl on his face …. just as careless, just as reckless, just as maskless —a**holes fully capable of causing the deaths of other people by their carelessness and totally unconcerned that they might be carrying the sh*t virus that has already claimed more than a Hundred Thousand American lives ….. sometimes I just wish it was legal to reach out and smash some of these filthy ba***rds in the face!

There are people walking around thinking that the virus is some kind of government hoax —- there are others walking around all religious and everything thinking that they can do what the hell ever they want to do and God will protect them from catching the plague —- dumb asses — dangereous dumb asses that I wish somebody would lock up and throw away the key until the coronavirus emergency is declared to be at an end …. but no such fu****g luck if you ask me ….. they are permitted to roam free as birds to infect whomever is unlucky enough to get in their path or to breath the cloud of virus they leave behind everytime they open their filthy mouths or let a fart or cough or sneeze …. you get the drill, I am sure.

The coronavirus pandemic is being politicized in much the same manner as the arguments surrounding climate change were politicized …. there is a cult following swallowing every lie the government can tell about this virus and they are more than willing to go down to the grave before they will ever admit that somebody might be feeding them a line of sh*t and that the danger from the pandemic is really real!

So what is a person to do when the idiocy is so widely spread and so deeply ingrained in the brainless confines of the denial freaks?

9 thoughts on “Germ-Hildas Spreading The Coronavirus Without A Care In The World!

  1. I have heard of women “Getting Things” from other people before .. I have also heard plenty of stories about women “Giving Things” to others …. I studied a lot of that while I was in the Military —Women are necessary for re population but they are entirely dangerous for simple pleasures … I avoid them at all costs …. I was enslaved to one for 33 years … a horrible addiction that was only resolved by natural attrition. I am convinced, however, that other people’x experiences may have been different than my own and that is alright with me. To every man his favorite poison is what I always say.

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