Removing Racism From The Market Shelves

So the Aunt Jemima brand is going to be retired over concerns about racist concerns! I can see the wisdom in that.

I can also see the wisdom of removing all white faces, all hispanic faces, all asian faces, all Native American faces, and every other kind of human face from every commercial product label, every broadcast advertisement for every kind of product or service, every bill board, every newspaper and magazine … everywhere where human eyes can be laid … for the same idiotic reason …. they are all racist … all of them …. No matter whose face appears on a product label or a service advertisement, some nitwit with no sense of reality is going to scream that it is “Racist.”

From now on, every product label must absolutely contain an image of every imaginable race rather than just one …. From now on if they are going to put a picture of a human being on a product label, they absolutely must include at least 4 others so that a minimum of all five of the recognized human races is represented.

And none of those images must be stereotyped to any degree whatsoever.

Let’s put them all in solid white robes with halos around their heads and some kind of heavenly background behind them so as not to reveal any of their personal potential biases.

6 thoughts on “Removing Racism From The Market Shelves

  1. Perhaps one day, things will just have a name? ‘Rice’, ‘Coffee’, and so on. But I cannot see that, as the marketing men are too obsessed with their’demographics’. I suppose the next to go will be Colonel Sanders image, from KFC. He is very white.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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