Reports Say “No Safety Program In Place For Big Tulsa Trump Rally!”

Here is the headline on a very revealing post found elsewhere on the Internet:

“The Tulsa arena that’s hosting Trump’s rally is asking the campaign for its plan to keep people safe from the coronavirus because they still haven’t received one 2 days before the event.”

You mean to tell me that there might really be some Republicans associated with this event who believe there might be some kind of danger in crowding that many people together without social distance or masks in the midst of a pandemic?

Surely not! LOL.

If that is true then why are the promoters of the big rally asking those who plan to be there to sign waivers absolving the party from any responsibility in case the atendee catches the coronavirus?

Just a precautionary measure you say?

“Just one way the Right Wing idiots who came up with the idea of a crowded rally in the midst of a pandemic are trying to cover their asses is what I say about it!

Is there a real possibility that 19,000 people or so who get cooped up in that arena for hours at a time without masks or social distancing might come down with the worst and most deadly disease in our lifetime?

“More likely than not” is what I have to say about it.

Would such a tragedy be a bad thing?

My opinion about that question is this: “If you happen to be a rabid right wing repukelikan, it would probably be tragic.

If you are anybody else … well then …. maybe not!

It all depends on perspective.

As for me, my attitude about it is, “Go ahead and let the Right Wingers enjoy themselves! Let them have a big party and have a great time! If they know the risks of such foolishness and decide to take the risk, who am I to forbid them?”

7 thoughts on “Reports Say “No Safety Program In Place For Big Tulsa Trump Rally!”

  1. It depends on the kind of infection you are talking about … they have already infected a lot of otherwise good citizens with their viral bullshit politics and now they want to extend that into physically-destructive disease? One always follows the other. Ask any survivor of the World War II mess in Europe. Same political patterns, same political personality types –…

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  2. Who cares about lives when votes are at stake? Some people would jump off a cliff to follow him and some of these people may be on the verge of learning that lesson for themselves …. I hope so anyway!

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  3. @John

    Do you know anyone……

    Victims of Covid 19 — do you know any victims of covid 19 personally? I am guessing that you do not and neither do I and neither does anybody I know …. (

    Given that Liberal Democrats don’t have any trouble supporting mass riots, what is the point of this post? Why are you criticizing a plain, ordinary, large, political rally?

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