Trump Refuses To Sign Postal Service Bailout!

I heard the president say on television, “I won’t sign a thing unless they raise their prices first.” (I have paraphrased that and those are not the exact words but they come damned close in my estimation.)

He was talking about not wanting to sign a $70-Billion plus money bill to prop up the Post Office that is fast running out of money.

Republicans have been trying to get rid of the Postal Service for a long time now as I recall.

But this time around, if the Post Office does not get the federal monetary help it needs, then it will have to drastically cut back on service ….and since the President has already spoken about his distaste for people voting my mail …..

Do you get the picture?

If the president is so afraid of mail-in balloting, what makes you think the Postal Service is ever going to get money from the federal government while He is in office?

I hope I am wrong about this.

But —–

5 thoughts on “Trump Refuses To Sign Postal Service Bailout!

  1. There are some times when truth is not so comfortable … this example you have given is one of those uncomfortable times. Maybe that is why truth is so hard to find anymore… maybe truth has become something that isn’t fun anymore.

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  2. While it may distress some of us accustomed to the familiar, technological advances simply changed the manner in which we communicate. Many thought Television would destroy Radio; such was not the case.
    The internet as we know it (mid 90’s) was a “body blow” to the postal service, as folks could communicate electronically via computer.
    Without bringing age into the mix; I would be content to wait a day or two to receive a real letter from a friend or family member, but there is the “instant gratification” tendency folks have which has essentially “murdered” letter writing.
    Not to digress; however it makes me wonder whether other countries rail services require their government to subsidize them as does our mediocre Amtrack…
    The U.S.P.S. now gets revenue mostly from advertising, I prefer their parcel service to UPS or Fed Ex. They are more responsive to an individuals needs in the delivery process.
    If the postal service dies, its just another sad milestone in our zeros and ones world.

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  3. The post office is an anachronism back from the days of the Pony Express. Government leaders needed it to communicate with the departments they controlled. What purpose does the Post Office serve now?


  4. I see you are ‘back to black’, John. When our Royal Mail was privatised, the cost of posting went up by almost 100% over two years. I hope your USPS is saved.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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