You Like Truth, Do You?

ALRIGHT THEN….. Here is some truth for you:

History has officially been changed. With the removal of all artifacts, statues, and the rewriting of the history books, the confederacy never existed; therefore, neither did slavery.

9 thoughts on “You Like Truth, Do You?

  1. It will all settle down again sometime, Liz, and we won’t hear a word about it for another few years .. perhaps even until the rise of the next generation … This “Civil Rights” thing seems to be generational.


  2. All this is just diversions from the dialog on race that is needed….

    There is much profit to be made in maintaining those divisions. Not sure what a “dialogue on race” would look like. Seems like the dialogue about racism is for breakfast, lunch and dinner these days. I get e mails from the schools, community, state, and our boys’ colleges. Granted, it is a very one-sided dialogue…which is more like an abusive polemic.

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  3. All this is just diversions from the dialog on race that is needed….if everyone is busy cheering a fallen statue they o not have time to think that nothing is changing. chuq

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  4. Most American textbooks come from Texas and have been heavily rewritten over the years. It was a scandal a few years ago and today there is barely a mention of it,

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