True Christians Through And Through

Famed radio host, Garrison Keeler, is reported to have once remarked, “Anyone who thinks that sitting in church makes you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage makes you a car.” You may see the original article covering this subject on the really great blog written by Don Charisma, right HERE.

Well I think I can take that line of thinking a little bit further because I heard something from a devout Evangelical Christian the other day:

The devout Evangelical Christian (Also a devout overweight chicken-eating, grease-guzzling, thick-necked hog of a southern gentleman) told me flat out, “President Trump’s political rallies such as the one soon to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma are the church and the president, himself, is The Gospel.”

Candles, Light, Lights, Evening, Advent, Christmas

There are also some other fat-headed ass draggers who bragged to newsmen on the scene in Tulsa that they were not afraid of catching Covid 19 at the Trump rally because “God, Himself, is going to protect us magically from catching it.”

Maybe if the president deigns to open the rally by blessing those in attendance, those who believe they will be magically protected will be proven to be correct.

After all, doesn’t God bless and prosper everything that the president does and says?

Read the article in its entirety entitled, “It Is Just and Good that God Blesses Donald Trump” on the website, “The Resurgent.)

Who knows, someday we might find out that Trump is more than human. And if that day comes, we will have to start looking for the imminent Second Coming of The Lord, Jesus Christ according to the Book of Revelations in The Bible.

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9 thoughts on “True Christians Through And Through

  1. The Evangelical chief went on to say that his membership is now afraid to go against the president for fear of losing his favor and support for their major causes …so they stand in line singing his praises like obedient automotons.

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  2. Chuq — There is something you probably haven’t heard.
    One of the big wigs of the Evangelical Council here in America told some reporters that Trump had promised the Evangelical Community they would receive their entire laundry list of political things in return for their pledge to tell everyone who will listen that God blesses everything that He (Trump) does … and the fools fell for it and signed an agreement to do what he had asked ….

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  3. Six of his aides tested positive after working on the the preparations for the rally.. Looks like his ‘immunity’ didn’t protect them.
    Best wishes, Pete.


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