Heads Up, Children!

Coronavirus, Pandemic, Virus, Quarantine, Infection

Scientists are now noticing that the Covid 19 coronavirus is mutating and they are studying the changes very hard to try to determine if the disease is going to become exponentially more deadly than it already is. They are also trying to determine if the new mutations will have a negative effect on the development of an effective vaccine.

Now you didn’t really believe that you had heard the last of this thing, did you?

Better stock up on those masks is all I can tell you ….

You pachydermus swigglets who have been ignoring the seriousness of this pandemic had better get your ignorant asses on the ball and do your part to help prevent the spread … if it can be prevented, that is. Your refusal to follow safety precautions may have already cost you your miserable lives and you don’t even know it.

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