Sun/Jun 28/2020

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Let History note and remember that there is a gargantuan dust cloud over portions of The United States right now …. a dust cloud that traveled across the oceans to reach our Southwestern shores and which is even now making its presence known by irritating the hell out of people with asthmatic conditions and by spectacularly-colored sunsets in some portions of the country. I expect that since houses and buildings tend to “Breathe,” we will be using our vacuum sweeper and dust rags a lot more for a couple of days. Has anything good ever come out of Africa? This nuisance came from the Saharan desert.

The squatter in the white house reportedly ordered all the stickers that had been placed on the seats in the stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma removed …. the stickers that warned people to keep their social distancing because of the coronavirus while inside the huge 19,000-seat arena where “Trump” had planned to give the “Greatest” speech pf his presidency and during which he spoke of little else than the reasons why he walked so slowly down an exit ramp at the graduation ceremony at West Point (He had leather-bottomed shoes and the ramp was slick) and the reason that he had a little problem drinking a glass of water with one hand ….It seems he had lost some feeling in his arm after having saluted all 1100+ cadets at the ceremony, two-at-a-time …. and then the president spent a few minutes reassuring the adoring crowds that he could, indeed, hold onto a glass of water with one hand …. and that was about the content of the “Greatest” speech he had ever given …. moving on now ….

I notice that Vice President Pence has either cancelled some campaign appearances or has rescheduled them after spending quite some time on podiums declaring how well The United States has been controlling the Covid-19 pandemic and how the reopening of the various affected states has been going ….. apparently the Vice President is walking back on some of his “We’ve got this thing under control” position because this very morning, we are seeing the highest numbers of covid cases ever recorded spiking like a frog f**king a lilly pad —- the thing is out of control, folks, and nobody seems to know even a little bit about what to do …. it is pandemonium …… Even the President has been reported in some media as being in a subdued state of panic.

I had three servings of steamed spinach and a smoked sausage for breakfast, followed a little later by a lunch of pork steak and mashed potatoes ….

It is a little cooler outside as I write this…. but it is June and I am expecting the heat and humidity to return before we know it. I am also awaiting notice in the media of the great drought that I had predicted for the Western United States and the rest of the world …. a drought so problematic that it will cause concerns about the food supply chain again …. just like the pandemic did when it first started out.

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There are rumors circulating that the Russians had paid some Afghani assholes rewards (Bounties) for killing American Military Service People and if this is true it is supposed to become a “Benghazi” moment for the Trump administration …. do not ask me how that is supposed to work ….. but the one thing I have not read anything about yet is any news of any kind that the Americans paid any bounties on any Afghanis. Of course, as we all know, The United States is far above even considering such egregious actions as that!

The news is that Florida has now set a fine of $500 for anyone discovered refusing to wear their face covering (masks) while out in public spaces because the covid epidemic is literally killing Florida and too many of the arrogrant pussyfaces and morons who live there don’t have the sense to find their own asses in a mirror and are flouting every safety precaution they can flout — and, as a consequence, are dropping like flies over cow turds after getting the disease …. all I can say is, “If people are going to be that damned stupid, then they deserve whatever they get.”

I am certain there will be riots in Florida if anybody actually tries to enforce that new mask requirement.

6 thoughts on “Sun/Jun 28/2020

  1. A lot of years ago, my Master Bedroom was about 500 square feet (20×25) and I added Three fans to the room … one blowing from the foot of the bed, and the other two at 45-degree angles to the bed … (The bed was in the center of the room under a skylight) — and those, in addition to the air conditioner, provided my nighttime comfort … except for when it rained and thundered and then I liked to open the french doors to a little balcony outside the bedroom and let the wind from the storm sweep through. But those days are long since gone and I have downsized considerably but I still do have a fan on a coffee table that points at my bed.

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  2. The foreign (and possibly domestic) tourist trade in Florida is going to be killed stone dead by the news of the recent increase in infections there. They should have thought about that before ‘opening up’ so soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. The fines will not be enforced….so why bother….a waste of energy….it is 5 am and 90 degrees here…..and the hottest part of Summer is still more than a month away….oh goody….chuq

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