If you are thinking of purchasing anything electronic on one of the major online shopping sites, let me share a few experiences with you:

Times are tough and money is tight so be extra careful out there.

I purchased a flash drive that was supposed to have a computer operating system on it and I paid more than $20 for it.

When the flash drive arrived, I booted the computer up on it and all I could ever get was “Missing Operating System.”

In other words, I had purchased, paid for and received a flash drive that was totally empty of any necessary data needed to cause an operating program to become active on my computer.

I did this three different times with three different sellers and the result was always the same: Either the item that I received would not perform as it was represented by the seller or it would not perform at all.

If you are going to shop online, then check and make sure the seller you plan to deal with has a solid reputation with the online shopping site that you wish to use …. and most such sites do rate their sellers on the experiences reported by customers.

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  1. It’s funny that you mention pay pal, Pete — the covid 19 thing has got them to the point where it is literally impossible to speak to an agent over there these days …

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