(Monday, June 29, 2020) —– I finally got rid of my Windows computers and replaced them all with Chromebook and the Ubuntu distribution of Linux. I am now a happy camper! No more hassle with the Microsoft operating systems … Freedom!!!

I now have three different all-in-one computers in the residence now … one Chromebook, One Hewitt Packard with XTRA PC usb flash drive installed and one new Hewitt Packard all-in-one with the Ubuntu 20.04 operating system installed. All my computers have either 21-inch or more viewing area on their monitors and all are self contained in one complete operating unit (No towers to contend with.).

The Ubuntu computer’s fans were cycling on and off regularly and were a little distracting with the sound they make, so I checked my CPU usage and discovered that the fans were cycling so much because the computer was heating up — so I unhooked my WIFI and that causes the computer to use a lot less CPU energy and the heat level fell and the fans quieted down considerably.

This is a no loss situation for me because all my computers are always in static positions and I never travel with them. (They are too big to travel with anyway and I detest laptops so I don’t own any laptops.) The last laptop I used was way back when and it was one I kept in the jet, but the pilot hated me using it in flight so I rarely ever did … In those days computer signals could interfere with aircraft systems sometimes … and I do love Life. LOL.

On the boat we always had ship-to-shore radio telecommunications so computers were non starters on the water. I am assuming that by now somebody has managed to combine the ship-to-shore with a computer but that is no skin off my nose because I am a confirmed land lubber these days and have been since 2001.

The Linux system that I am using is secure as secure can be … no need for adding an antivirus program because everything in a linux distribution is always sandboxed and once you have finished using your computer for a task, your trail is erased (Unless something gets into the cloud … and then that is a different story).

Even though the experts said I do not need to use antivirus on my Ubuntu, I am running a couple of helper programs, (1) Duck Duck Go privacy browser, (U-block Origin) and (Https Everywhere) in addition to (Privacy Badger.). All those little programs keep trackers at bay and it is my understanding that there are no known viruses that attack linux systems and since Linux is open source, the community is always working to make it more secure and if a problem is detected, they are quick to issue a patch for it.

So that is what is happening with me and computers this morning for anyone who is interested in such things.

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  1. I am not running three of them … I accumulated three of them trying to find the one with which I would be most satisfied. The other two will remain as backups.

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  2. You seem to have sorted everything exactly as you want it, John. Though one PC is enough for me, and I can’t think why I would ever want to be running three of them.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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