THE REALIST@MrRealismI’m 78 years old & have followed political debate all my adult life. I’m an Army vet & my wife a Navy vet & we together can’t believe what is playing out before our eyes. We are reliving How Hitler came to power in Germany. How uneducated hateful people took over a country.

I see my numbers are down again. I guess people don’t want to hear the truth anymore. Oh well, there are other things that I can do today. I can look for something really disgusting to blog about. People love to read about disgusting things. I guess that is what drives Trump’s popularity these days — people who are addicted to lies, treachery, deceit and garbage noise. (Or perhaps people whose lobotomies have failed.)

Speaking of disgusting things — maggot sandwich anyone?

Trump Closing Federal Coronavirus Testing Sites

If you haven’t heard by now, you certainly will hear soon ….. Trump is “Retiring” a reported 13 Federal Covid-19 testing sites after having publicly announced that he is asking his people to slow testing for the virus down.

It appears to me that the president believes that if cases of the virus cannot be found through testing, then they claim can be made that they do not exist …. thus, the president can ultimately brag that Coronavirus is on the decline in America because He (The president) and his administration have it all under control. It’s a beautiful thing!

Somebody should remind the president that hiding the raging pandemic will not make it go away but hiding it might give him the edge in controlling the national dialogue about it.

Good for votes in 2020, you see.

Everything is fine! Pay no attention to that deadly virus behind the curtain there!

Wild Blackberries

In the heat of August, my Mom and I would walk about three or four miles down a local railroad track to hunt and gather wild blackberries that grew randomly there.

Blackberry, Sheet, Cup, Tree, Nature, Rustic

Our containers for the blackberries were galvanized gallon buckets, carried by a wire handle.

The heat of the day was oppressive but there was some solace in knowing that there was a working cattle spring in a thicket of woods near the tracks … We could go to that spring and drink the water from a moss-infested old wooden barrel that had been placed there to form a well of the spring water for the cows that foraged there occasionally.

I was always worried about the snakes that seemed to like to come to the wild blackberry bushes but as long as I ever went blackberry picking, I never once encountered a snake.

One of the hazards of this hunting was, of course, scratches and pricks from the thorns on the blackberry bushes. I got scratched up a lot during these episodes. My Mom alwaysd came out unscathed. Skill does have its merits.

Mom would make fresh pies out of the fruit and they were delicious.

Once, she decided to make wine out of the blackberries.

She put the fruit into a big galvanized wash tub and covered them with cheesecloth so that they could be left alone to “Ferment.”

In a few weeks, we removed the cheesecloth with every intention of sampling some good home made blackberry wine.

What we got instead, was a mass of horrid looking wormy creatures resembling maggots swimming around in a bubbling, stinking mess.

That was the end of our fascination with home made blackberry wine.

I kind of favored a bowl of the berries, warm to the touch and infused with fresh, farm-produced cream plus sugar to make them sweet.

Blackberry picking isn’t the same today and it can be dangerous because people come along and spray pesticides all over them.

Because of the pesticides, I don’t think I would take the chance of eating a berry off the bush these day unless I washed it thoroughly.

It is the same reason that I am no longer fond of eating grass off the lawn with my dog.

My Phone Rings

So, how did you get this number?

I got your number from a directory.

No, you didn’t!

Why didn’t I?

Because I use an answering service.

Why do you use an answering service?

Because I am a very private person.

What …are you nuts or something?

No, I am a reclusive billionaire.

You’re shitting me!

No, I’m not!

So where are you right now?

I’m sitting in a 48 room mansion on Long Island.


Who are you and what do you want?

I would like to lower your credit card interest rate.

I don’t worry about credit card interest rates.

Why not?

Because I do not use credit cards.

Why don’t you use credit cards?

I don’t need to.

Why not?

Because wherever I go, they just give me whatever I want and they know they will

get paid.

That’s crazy!

That’s true!

If you are a billionaire, why are you on a computer?

I like computers. They are one of my hobbies.

What are your other hobbies?

Collecting rare gems and buying real estate.

Don’t you need a credit card for that?


How much do you spend in a transaction like those?

Upwards of a million dollars or more.

So how do the people you buy from get paid if you don’t use credit cards?

My concierge pays them.

You’re shitting me!

Who did you say you were again?

I didn’t say who I was.

So who are you?

I am with the credit card company.

You are a moron, right?

Go f**k yourself!

I’d love to but I can’t!

F**k you!

He hung up on me!


Some Countries Have No Historical Monument Paranoia Like The U.S. Does

Statue, Bronze, Horse, Equestrian, Soldier

Some people in The United States are hell bent on tearing down all the statues and monuments that recall anything to do with the Confederate States of America or the period of the American Civil War. Hordes of screaming activist types are throwing ropes over statues in Washington, D.C., and everywhere declaring that their purpose is to eradicate every emblem of racism from the country.

So far they have not gotten to the Washington Monument for some reason … Maybe the “Washington” Monument should be renamed “The Potomac River Monument” or something like that because, as everybody knows, George Washington was a very avid slave owner. Can’t have a monument in Washington, D.C. glorifying a slave owning first president of The United States, now can we?

About that “Washington, D.C.” nonsense … a word if I may …. “Maybe we should rename the city of Washington, D.C., as well because it is our capitol and it is named after a famed slave owning general, right?

And let us talk about the Capitol Building itself. Standing majestically in the midst of Washington, D.C., is the nation’s iconic Capitol Building looking all in the world like a massive wedding cake — and built partly with …. slave labor. Do we really need a Capitol building that glorifies the age of slavery?

Idiots who destroy monuments seem to think they are eradicating “History” along with their wanton destruction.

Does the fact that there are no Nazi statues in Germany have any bearing on the history of the holocaust? No, the history remains … the glorification is what is gone … the history will always be there. You can’t change history by taking down monuments.

If every single reminder of the Jim Crow was removed from the United States of America, there would be nothing left but some wig wams, indigenous ceremonials, pow wows and other such rejoicing.

I doubt if we are ever going to get to that point!

But what are these monument exactly? I maintain they are a celebration of traitors — traitors who failed — traitors whose treason was in defense of slavery.

So what? We are still talking about American Citizens here, aren’t we? Do the descendants of the Confederacy need to be stigmatized in our democracy for something that people who have been dead for centuries did?

If that is the case, then shouldn’t all the rest of us be ostracised because of the actions of our forebears, also centuries ago, — forebears who thought it prudent to perform genocide on millions of indigenous natives on this continent?

This shit is all craziness and needs to be stopped before it gets to a point beyond which there is no stopping it.

While I am on this kick, I have a question that nobody else seems to be answering these days. Let me state my question and see if some of my millions of faithful readers can come up with a plausible answer.

“I had a relative, “Soldier Joe,” who fought and died for the Union during the Civil War.

Many Union people had relatives who fought and died to preserve the Union during the Civil War.

So, I ask you, where are THEIR statues and monuments? Have you seen as many statues and monuments erected to the memory of slain Union Soldiers as there are to the southern failed cause?”

Hell no, you don’t!

Ever ask yourself “Why Not?”

No honor for traitors. No honor for racial apartheid.

Honor those who fought to save the Union, not those who fought to destroy it.

Besides which we all know, without being told, that all those old Confederate Monuments were meant to do was to intimidate Black Folks. Those monuments never were intended to honor anything or anybody. They were meant to serve as symbols of white supremacy– and to let the world know that white supremacy rules and will never be replaced or defeated in a bigoted world.

So, should they be dismantled and destroyed?

I say put them all into museums — into museums similar to the holocaust museum so that people can be reminded that such oppression of a People should never happen on American soil again.