Happy Fourth!

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Columbus statues being destroyed — Washington being hated for having held slaves — Police being hated for claims of brutality — Protests everywhere about everything — Cities burning because of ethnic minorities being slain by police — common citizens being called “Thugs” and having the National Guard called out on them —- a raging pandemic killing thousands of our fellow citizens — an idiot in the White House — An economy tanking because of the pandemic — A nation divided —- A dysfunctional Congress — A broken supply chain —- A long-gone Civil War being fought symbolically all over again — Corruption in high places — Laws breaking down —- A declining morality that legalizes every possible former abomination —-

Can somebody tell me exactly what it is that we are celebrating this Independence Day?

2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth!

  1. Don’t do that, Pete! If you go forward 200 years, you won’t live for more than a few seconds because the air will be so laden with toxins that it will melt the skin off your face on contact.

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  2. I doubt that this year has left many wanting to celebrate anything, John. I would love to be able to go forward 200 years, and read what the history books have to say about 2020.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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