Let’s Get Real

The coronavirus is raging out of control now and there is no end in sight.

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No word about a vaccine yet and even if there were a vaccine, I believe it is impossible to acquire as many doses as necessary in the time necessary to save many lives or to have much effect on the spread of the coronavirus shit plague.

And if there is a workable vaccine, it will cost a fucking fortune so that only the rich bitches will be able to afford it and if it is affordable for the ordinary grunt in the streets like me, it will either be dangerous or effective on a limited basis.

In the meantime “Old Yeller” in the white house will continue to deny that there is any such thing as a coronavirus and if there is, it is not a problem because the government (and especially The Trumpster) has it well under control so that none of the cases are serious and the whole thing will magically disappear all by itself at some future date and time.

Because of the Trumpwad’s tendency to play the plague down, his idiot robot followers will continue to believe his mistruths and lies and uninformed statements about the virus and will continue to spread the shit to whomever they can touch, fondle, breathe on, piss on or shit on …

So here is what will happen:

Everything will eventually shut down and stop working altogether!

The food chain will break to the point where there will be nothing in stores to buy.

Nothing will be growing because there will be no gasoline to propel tractors.

There will be no medicine for doctors to heal people with because the supply chain will break down and no medicines will be available.

There will be no gas, heat, electricity, light or electronic communications because the grid will break and will not abe sustainable because the providers won’t be able to operate because all their suppliers will be out of business.

The water will be unsafe to drink because the water processors will not be operative because of their inability to get supplies or service or needed technologies.

Transportation will cease as all surface and air transporters go out of business.

Money will be worthless, homes will be lost, homelessness will increase a thousand fold or more — the richest among us won’t be able to buy a loaf of bread.

The death toll will eventually rise to 70-million in the United States alone … that’s about 1/4 of the US population ….

The remnant — if there is as remnant — will be out of control cannibalistic savages with no moral direction at all.

The earth will follow with fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquakes, volcanoes, droughts, searing heat temperatures — I predict 112-124 degrees Fahrenheit for the Midwestern United States this very august ….

And the government in Washington will keep on telling us that everything is working out very well.

P.S. Bodies will be stacked throughout neighborhoods as funeral homes fail by the thousand Common citizens will be used as forced labor to dig the thousands of mass graves that will be required.

One day we will be able to look at some gaunt, emaciated skeletal figure of a human being with a shovel in their hand and say to them, “Thank you for your service” just before they return to digging on the most recent mass grave in town.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Get Real

  1. Chuq —States can issue all the mask mandates that they want to issue but if their people refuse to wear the masks it is impossible to enforce the mandates …. either there aren’t enough law dogs to do it or (Like the sheriff in Butler County, Ohio) they outright refuse to enforce the mandates.

    I think we had all better start thinking about carrying self defense spray.

    And as to getting the kids back to school …. I don’t know about that either … I have read recently of a case where three teachers were sharing a classroom together so that they could teach their absentee kids via the internet (Remote Learning) and one of those teachers got the virus and died.

    Fill a bunch of classrooms with a lot of kids and there are going to be a lot of dead kids.

    Rebuild the schools so that the is space enough for proper social distancing and nobody is going to be able to afford the price tag.


  2. The virus is out of control and is not going to be controlled and all these plans for reopening are pissing in the wind … people will continue to disobey the safety rules, the virus will continue to spread .. it will overwhelm and shut down everything… so forget about all the planning.

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  3. we are screwed….I have faith in the sanity of most Americans…..at least my state is making masks mandatory…..but school is still up in the air for now but they are suppose to go back on 5 August…..they had better find a policy and soon. chuq

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  4. It is not just America, my friend .. this virus is indiscriminate. This is an earth cleansing and it will ultimately decimate at least 1/4 of the world’s population.

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  5. Election or no election, we are beyond elections now .. all an election is going to do is provide us with another person who will try to do something to help us but who will utterly serve every interest but our own — and whoever it is will inherit a country dying from a disease that has no stopping point … It is “Titanic” time so those who can sing should go to the rear of the ship, hang onto a rail and sing with the orchestra. Panice has nothing to do with it and panic will serve no purpose whatever. I am looking forward to the day when Trump gets with his Russian and Chinese “Beautiful Relationships” and borrows some of their crack troops to patrol our streets and keep order.

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  6. Your vision of an American dystopian nightmare is of course all very possible. Though I think before it got that bad some group might actually storm the White House and kill the president.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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